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IS_ALLIE.ZIP All Programs Intelec Software Extras!!! Contains all the current PPEs/EXEs that make up the freeware collection of PCBoard Addons!! Packed full of freeware, see for yourself why Intelec Software is the best!! Includes Newsflash Enhanced CNFN, ClearFido, Simple Time Bank and many MANY more! Also get IS_ALLIS.ZIP for all the many great shareware products! Try them Today! Programmer: Herbert Bushong
IS_AL_12.ZIP ArcLog ARCLOG.EXE v1.1 - A handy utility for Sysops! This util will archive various files into daily, monthly and yearly archives which will help you reclaim disk space from log files that grow out of control! Includes both DOS and OS/2 executables! Requires PKZIP or InfoZip's ZIP.EXE. Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_AQ_11.ZIP AddQueue ADDQUE.EXE - Utility to add files to PCBoard's FIDOQUE.DAT file. Supports Crash, Hold filesend and killsent flags, as well as wildcards. Great for re-adding packets to the queue whose entries have disappeared Includes both *DOS* and *OS/2* executables! FREEWARE!!!! Intelec Software Extras - Herbert Bushong
IS_CA_12.ZIP CleanATX CLEANATX.EXE v1.21 - A handy utility for both PCBoard and Wildcat Sysops! This util will strip out @X color codes, WC! @color@ codes, *AND* can also CONVERT WC! @color@ codes to PCB @X color codes (as well as 45 of the @macros@) and vice-versa! VERY FAST! Great for converting colorized bulletins to downloadable text versions -Herbert Bushong Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_CF_12.ZIP ClearFido CLRFIDO.EXE - Utility to reset the Failed Connects in PCBoard's FIDOQUE.DAT file that build up. Also changes HOLD status on those entries back to NORMAL. No more problems with unsent packets and polls! FREEWARE!!!! Includes both *DOS* and *OS/2* executables!
IS_EC_22.ZIP EnhancedCNFN Enhanced Conf Join 2.2 for PCBoard 15.22+ THIS IS THE ORIGINAL ECNFN.PPE by Herbert Bushong! Don't settle for lesser imitations On-the-fly conference join menu display only display conferences the caller is able to join. Allows for conf. subsets to be chosen and displayed by the caller.Can also lock out the display of blocks by security. 1-9 columns/Searching/Configurable/Multiple ranges per block! An Intelec Software Extra
IS_EU_21.ZIP ExemptUser Exempt User PPE v2.1 - for PCBoard 15.22+ This PPE lets you exempt certain users from forced password changes if the PASSWORD PSA is installed. Simple to install and use. No limit to the number of users. Freeware by Herbert Bushong. Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_FR_11.ZIP FidoRpt FIDORPT.EXE - PCBoard Fido Queue report generator. Generates either a summary or a detailed report of the contents of the fido queue, including the date of the entries. Great for tracking nodes who aren't polling properly! Includes both DOS and OS/2 EXE's. An Intelec Software Extra! *Freeware*
IS_IA_13.ZIP IntelApp INTELEC/INBASKET/INTELAPP.PPE Intelec Database and Application Generator For use with our IN_yymm.ZIP & INB_yymm.ZIP information files. Contains Application, Inbasket, and Database PPE. PCBoard 15.21+ Intelec Software PPEs
IS_ID_10.ZIP IsDay ISDAY.EXE-Batch file utility to check for a specific day and return an errorlevel. Can check for any combination of Month, Year, Week of Year, Day of Year, Day of Month, Day of Week. Includes DOS, OS/2, and Win32 (textmode) versions. FREEWARE
IS_IS_20.ZIP IS FileSizer IS.EXE version 2.0 - Utility to test the size of a file in a batch file. Returns an errorlevel based on whether the file is larger or smaller that given value. Includes both DOS *and* OS/2 EXE's for testing in CMD files too!! Great for QWK transfers to stop large REP's with dupes from being sent! Best of all, it's FREE!!! Prgrmr: Herbert Bushong
IS_IT_12.ZIP IntelecTCan IN_TCAN.PPE v1.2 for PCBoard 15.22+ Intelec TCAN PPE for insuring TCANned users that call your BBS are locked out of Intelec conferences before they can post. Runs at Logon and can process your current USER file. Totally transparent to users. Source included! This version can be compiled for PCBoard 15.21 by commenting out 1 line. Can be used multiple times for multiple nets!!! An Intelec Software Extra!
IS_IW_13.ZIP IntelApp (WCX) INTELEC/INBASKET/INTELAPP.WCX Intelec Database and Application Generator For use with our IN_yymm.ZIP & INB_yymm.ZIP information files. Contains Application, Inbasket, and Database WCX. Wildcat 4.10+ Intelec Software
IS_MB_15.ZIP MultiBRDM MultiBRDM PPE for PCBoard 15.22+ Not enough Screen room to display the multitude of PCBoard commands in your BRDM file? Now you can create multiple display files that the user can "flip" through while still remaining at the main prompt! Also handles the BRDS (sysop display) as well, allowing multiple pages. FREEWARE by Herbert Bushong An Intelec Software Extra!
IS_NC_14.ZIP NLCheck NLCHECK.EXE - Creates a BAT/CMD file which when run, will copy various nodediff's to your nodelist directory, extract them if necessary, apply the nodediffs, and compile the new nodelists, Optionally deleting diffs and backup nodelists when done. Simple to set up and use. Great for automated event processing. FREE! Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_NF_24.ZIP NewsFlash NEWSFLASH 2.4 PPE, author: Herbert Bushong NewsFlash is a PPE to enhance your NEWS display file, allowing you to display news entries for a specific number of days. Easy to set-up and highly configurable. Includes Maintenance functions, file, language, and color configurability, and an Editor PPE to add entries on-line. Now Freeware, no KEY required! PPLC 3.20 / PCB 15.22+ Intelec Software Extras!
IS_NL_12.ZIP NewUserLock New user LockOut PPE v1.2, PCBoard 15.22+ Run this PPE from a LOGON screen to automatically lock a new user out of a list of conferences. Ensures that your Private conferences, such as admin confs are truly private. FREEWARE by Herbert Bushong Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_NN_14.ZIP NewUserNotice New User Notice PPE v1.4 for PCBoard 15.22+ Sends a message to a user or group of users notifying them when a new user has logged on so that they can welcome them. Also send a separate welcome message to the new user. Author: Herbert Bushong Excellent Freeware Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_RC_14.ZIP RecordCheck User Record Check PPE v1.4 - PCBoard 15.40+ PPE to check Alias, Verification, Personal Info, and Address PSA information, if each PSA is installed, for blank entries and prompts user to fill in the information! PPE Can optionally force them to fill in the information before allowing them to finish logging on. Author: Herbert Bushong Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_R2_13.ZIP RecordCheck User Record Check PPE v1.3 - PCBoard 15.22+ PPE to check Alias, Verification, and Address PSA information, if each PSA is installed, for blank entries and prompts user to fill in the information! PPE Can optionally force them to fill in the information before allowing them to finish logging on. This is the last version that can be used by 15.22+ systems. New versions will incorporate 15.4+ PSA's and will require compiling with PPLC 3.40. Author: Herbert Bushong Another Intelec Software Extra!
IS_SD_13.ZIP SetDate SETDATE.EXE - Simple and fast utility that generates a batch file to set date/time environmental variables. Includes Full Date, Day, Month, Year, Day of Week, Day of Year, Month name, Day name, and others. Also includes DOS and OS/2 EXE's. Freeware. Another great Intelec Software Extra!
IS_TB_16.ZIP SimpleTimeBank Simple Time Bank PPE for PCBoard 15.22+ This is a no-frills time bank to allow users to save and withdraw time / bytes. Sysop-configurable, all prompts can have LANG variants and displays can have lang, sec, and graphics variants. Freeware by Herbert Bushong, An Intelec Software Extra!
IS_TM_15.ZIP TxtMsg Text->Msg DOS & OS/2 EXEs for PCBoard 15.x, This is a no-frills free text file to Message utility. An Intelec Software Extra!
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