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IS_ALLIS.ZIP All Shareware Intelec Software PowerPak! Contains all the current PPEs/EXEs that make up the shareware collection of PCBoard Addons!! Packed full of shareware, see for yourself why Intelec Software is the best!! Includes SubscriP, ConfMenu, MainMenu, DoorMenu, FileMenu, and many MANY more! Over 25 great products!! Try them Today! Also get IS_ALLIE.ZIP for the collection of freeware products! PCBoard 15.22+, Programmer: Herbert Bushong Intelec Software (c) 1996.
IS_AP_47.ZIP AutoPost AutoPost - PCB v15.22 PPE to send BBS Ads ForSale Ads etc... at Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Custom intervals on an automated basis! A unique dating feature can prevent your ads from being killed as dupes! Includes posting to multiple conferences at once!
IS_BD_20.ZIP BirthDay Birthday v2.0 Ask users for their D.O.B. and when the user(s) log-on on their (or shortly thereafter) birthday, it displays a birthday greeting, and optionally sends a message! Can now share TPA record with Mario Muellers Freeware BirthDate Utility! PCBoard 15.22+ Shareware PPE, easy to install, and fully functional, NOT-crippled!! Another Great Intelec Software PPE!
IS_BL_51.ZIP BBSListr BBSListr v5.0 The best BBS Lister PPE for PCBoard 15.22+! Users can add entries, or delete or modify their entries. Search on individual fields or all fields! See why it's the best of it's kind! Another great Intelec Software PPE!
IS_BM_12.ZIP BLT-Menu BLT-Menu 1.2! B Command replacement adds new style, functions, & security to the Bulletin function of PCBoard. This PPE is for PCBoard v15.22, and it's another useful utility from Intelec Software!
IS_CM_63.ZIP ConfMenu ConfMenu v6.3 The best J Cmd Replacement PPE for PCB v15.22 Automatic! Never draw another CNFN again!! Supports long conference names! And you can configure your own custom colors as well! Now supports conference name sorts! Includes new PPE utility to make registering or unregistering user in conferences a snap, and another to clear Mail-Waiting Flags! An Intelec Software PPE!
IS_DM_24.ZIP DoorMenu DoorMenu 2.4 PCB v15.22+ PPE that replaces the DOOR command menu. Supports sub-groups, so you can classify doors as Games, Products or whatever categories you want to use!! Can lock specific users out of doors!!! Intelec Software
IS_DT_13.ZIP DTSearch DTSearch v1.3 Uniquely different way to scan your DOWNLOAD.TXT. Customize your own colors and greatly improve the way you view or scan your DOWNLOAD.TXT file!! DTSearch is a FULLY functional, *NON-crippled* shareware PPE. Part of the Intelec Software PPE Collection!
IS_FM_25.ZIP FileMenu FileMenu v2.4 The best DIR Replacement PPE for PCB v15.22 Automatic! Never draw another file menu again! Also lets users search file directory name descriptions! For those with multiple CD-Rom's, this lets you have "sub- menus" for each CD or file group!! Supports Non-sequential directory numbers for unlimited possibilities. Intelec Software
IS_FV_21.ZIP Fone-Ver Fone-Ver v2.1! Callback Verification for PCB v15.22! Fully configurable and feature rich! Fully functional!! Not crippled!! Allows you to let users reverse their calls (definable) for better connections! And much, much more! Now has FVCONFIG.PPE for much easier config! Intelec Software
IS_HH_42.ZIP HowHeard HowHeard v4.1 New Caller Upgrade PPE for PCB 15.22! Upgrade sec levels and conference reg based on caller's response! No Longer Writes to User's notes PSA. Keeps a log file instead. Now with OTHER option for a more specific response. Small, fast, convenient!! Another fine Intelec Software PPE!
IS_KI_13.ZIP KOTPyrm KOTPYRM! v1.3! King of the Pyramid PPE!! A simple yet addictive game that will have your users calling every day, trying to win top honors and be King of the Pyramid! Includes configuration PPE and tournament mode! Also grab the IS_KI_QA.ZIP file for the ready-made question database!
IS_KI_QA.ZIP KOTP-QA KOTPYRM Question/Answer Database for use with KOTPyrm. Over 1/2 a meg of questions and answers.
IS_LO_12.ZIP Log-Offs Log_Offs v1.2! PCBoard PPE designed to allow you to run customized $$LOGOFF.BAT files for specific users and at specific times, or all times. Easy to install and maintain! Part of the Intelec Software collection of PCB PPEs!
IS_MM_44.ZIP MainMenu MainMenu v4.4 A PCBoard 15.22 PPE v3.2 Great PPE replacement for PCBoard BRDM main menus. Now supporting multi-lingual "prompt" files! Shows available/unavailable commands as well as "all on the fly", never draw another BRDM again! Nice little PPE! Support is available via the Intelec Network in PPL or IS_Support forums! An Intelec Software PPE.
IS_MN_14.ZIP Msg2NC Message to Next Caller PPE for PCBoard 15.22+. Allow your callers to leave 1, 2, 3 whatever lines to the next caller!! Highly configurable, sysop can limit who can post via security level and Twit list. Optional blocking of entries for specific bad words. All displays, prompts, and colors are configurable with SEC, GRAPH, and LANG variations!! Very popular with Users!! An Intelec Software PPE!
IS_MQ_41.ZIP MsgQuest MsgQuest v4.1 PCB 15.22 Shareware PPE Script to Message Base utility, send questionnaires to the SysOp via msgs. A much easier install and supports *unlimited* questionnaires!! Intelec Software
IS_PM_14.ZIP Page-me! Page-Me! v1.4 PCB Numeric Pager PPE Utility! Allow users to contact you at your pager and you never have to reveal what that number is and each user can choose their own "codes"!! Another Intelec Software PPE!
IS_PN_11.ZIP PseudoNM PseudoNm v1.1 PseudoName PPE will allow your users to easily view or change their aliases Part of the Intelec Software PPE collection!
IS_PV_47.ZIP Pro-vote Pro-Vote v4.7! The best PCBoard Vote Utility now supports As Many As 999 Different Polls! A results bulletin, a new maintenance module w/ Login Poll Availability, Displays Percent of votes as BarGraph. Let's users Add Polls, and write-in votes!!! An Intelec Software PPE
IS_RM_25.ZIP RemindMe RemindMe 2.5 PCB 15.22 Users enter their own personal reminders! RemindMe can notify them at logon or via a message & logon! Users set days in advance to remind, if a reminder's a permanent or temporary one. RemindMe! purges past due temp reminders! Simple to install!! Auto-maint, Non-crippled, Fully functioning Shareware! An Intelec Software PPE!
IS_SL_42.ZIP SpeedLim SpeedLim v4.2! Limit callers access based on connection speed! Block total access or just access to specific command!! Exclude by time or by an exclusion usernames list! An option to send a message to user about when command is available or at what speed. Another Intelec Software PPE!!!
IS_SP_51.ZIP SubScriP SubscriP 5.1 Complete Online Shopping Center supporting credit cards, checks, COD & more! And Now Adds LIVE CC Processing with TelePC! Offer "instant subscriber upgrade" via check and/or credit card! Also sell merchandise! A full featured sales PPE!! Supports shipping, tax, unlimited categories/items, Automatic Upgrades/Downgrades, TCAN file, *255* levels And keeps track of who paid and who did not! Intelec Software
IS_TU_11.ZIP TwitUser TwitUser v1.1 PCB 15.22 PPE to twit specific users when using (abusing) specific commands It logs them off when they try to access those commands you have twitted them from. We realize most users are worth their weight in gold but this PPE is geared towards those troublesome callers. Now only uses 1 ppe for all commands. No more copying!! Another fine Intelec Software PPE!
IS_TZ_40.ZIP TimeZone TimeZone! v4.0! "Time slot" assignments PPE! Recompiled with PPLC v3.2 for PCBoard v15.22 Limits when user(s) or "groups of users" can access your system!! Now you can adjust time based on when in the slot the user calls! Intelec Software
IS_UN_41.ZIP UserNews UserNews v4.1 Let users enter their own news items! Shareware PPE for PCBoard v15.22 It's a breeze to install, and needs little, or no maintenance!! Another Intelec Software PPE!
IS_WH_13.ZIP Whoshere WhosHere v1.3 - PCBoard 15.22+ WHO Cmd PPE Replacement PPE. simple, fast & configurable! It is a much sharper look to the standard way "PCBoard" shows who is online. The colors are configurable & it installs easy! Check it out today, Part of Intelec Software PPEs!
IS_WM_41.ZIP WelcoMat WelcoMat v4.0! For PCBoard v15.22+,PPLC v3.2 Greets new users and allows them to DL info files, reg. forms, etc. In addition, WM can upgrade specific users that you specify when they call the first time! Upgrade different users to different security levels and register in many different conferences!! Uncrippled Shareware!! Another fine Intelec Software PPE!
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