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If you are a sysop and would like to carry Intelec on your BBS please fill out the following form completely. You must be able to echo mail via QWK or FTS and must be willing to transfer mail at regular intervals. If you haven't read the Rules please take the time to do so before filling out this form.

FTS systems should instead use this form to speed up processing of assigning a node number

Note this page requires a forms capable browser. If you don't have one, send e-mail to

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QWK from Satellite (Planet Connect)

In the event you became a hub, what type of echoing do you have available?

Internet (Telnet, FTP) - Indicate types in comments below

You will need to set up a user account for JOHN YOUNG with a unique password. Please provide the password to use here. This account is required for reviews and ongoing direct NetAdmin contact!
Do not use a password such as john, young, or intelec.

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Be advised that there is now NO network membership fee. You will be able to begin pulling mail just as soon as your application is approved!

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