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Intelec has been relaying since Sept 1989 and we'll be around for a long long time. Many other networks advertise the fact that they're different but Intelec shows it right out in the public eye.

We have a fully public NetAdmin conference for users and SysOps alike to offer up their views. With one administrator there's no red tape or committees, issues are resolved faster than any other network. Problem users are dealt with much more expeditiously than in other networks so our friendly environment is maintained. We have more mail flow than most other networks and we keep the quality level high.

There is no free speech in Intelec and our rules of behavior are all strictly enforced. But this has a beautiful result, there is no anarchy here, those making themselves a problem, are removed after 2 offenses and if severe enough without warning at all. The result is a peaceful network where opposing viewpoints are discussed maturely, and a calm and enjoyable atmosphere is easily maintained.

We firmly believe in respect and we don't permit profanity or flaming in our conferences! If your users would like to exchange e-mail with a friendly bunch of people, join the Intelec Network! But if quality means little or nothing to you you've got a small handful of networks left to choose from. Afterall, that's why Intelec has become so popular, our quality sets us apart! Intelec Network is an active net and one of the highest in quality and activity! But we're strict when it comes to our policies.

If your board is full of users seeking this kind of e-mail sanctuary, they will have a very good time with our network. If they are problematic, arrogant, and immature, applying may not be a good idea. Boards with constant problem users are eventually removed entirely and sometimes permanently. But we have found it's far more common for users to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere than to try to destroy it. We have been around for many years now and we know how to treat users, with respect.

Intelec has more quality traffic than nearly every other BBS network around, and without the anarchy found in nearly every other BBS network relaying today.

Intelec, # 1 in quality! Intelec currently supports QWK and FTS formats and is available via FTP in FTS/QWK format and Satellite in "QWK format" only. The Intelec Network does not support PostLink/PCRelay but we will be looking into other formats as technology advances or as QWK standards improve. FTS includes any "Fido-compatible" tossers such as QFront, Front Door, D'Bridge, FidoPCB, PCBFido, etc.....

John Young, Intelec Network Administrator

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